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Licensed Practical Nursing NCII

Certificate of Program Registration NTR No. 0507022076

Practical Nursing training program prepares the trainees to provide high quality nursing care to clients/patients in any stage of wellness or illness under the immediate supervision of the staff registered nurse, clinical instructor, and/or licensed physicians. They will be taught to function appropriately within various levels of patient care, encompassing supportive, preventative, curative and rehabilitative aspects of different health care settings such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, industrial health centers, community centers, clinics and private or group homes. The graduates of this program may be delegated responsibility for the nursing of childbearing families, elderly/adults/children who may need medical-surgical care, individuals who have a mental illness, and individuals who live in transitional/long-term care centers.

The program consists of courses designed to develop skills in all aspects of practical nursing, and clinical experiences in the different health care settings. In addition to the study of basic nursing principles and procedures, medical and surgical care of the elderly, adult and child, and nursing of the childbearing family, the practical nursing student will study anatomy and physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, mental health, communications and other skills that will enhance their employability.

SectorHealth, Social and Other Development Services
Registered Course ProgramLicensed Practicial Nursing
Duration2, 247 Hours equivalent to Two (2) Years or Four (4) Semesters
Program Reg. No.507022076
Date Issued05-10-2005

Competent to be:

Practical Nurse
Vocational Nurse
License Practical Nursing – Course Outline
ENG 701English This subject aims to improve the trainee’s general communications skills in order to meet the learning outcomes demanded in this course, as well as those of other subjects and eventual employment. Trainees shall learn skills in paragraph, summary, and composition writing and revision; oral reporting; as well as research techniques. Speaking, writing, reading, listening and observation techniques demanded by the work place shall be reinforced in this subject.Prerequisite : None
MAT 701Math This subject emphasizes mathematical skills that can be applied to solving occupational and technical problems. Topics include properties of numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, ratio and proportion, exponents and radicals, and geometric and technical formulas such as dosage calculations, conversion, weights and measures.Prerequisite: none
PSY 701Psychology This subject offers a systematic approach to exploring human behavior and their application to everyday life and work. The concepts and empirical findings are examined using a variety of theoretical approaches. Major topics include introduction to psychology; social environments; communications and group processes; perception; motivation; learning, memory; intelligence; personality; emotions and motives; and conflicts, stress, and anxiety.Prerequisite: none
CMP 701Computer This subject introduces the fundamental concepts and operations necessary to use computers. Emphasis is placed on basic functions and familiarity with computer use. Topics include computer terminology, introduction to the Windows environment like word processing, spreadsheets, and databases and introduction to networking such as use of internet and email.Prerequisite: none
HCP 702Essentials 

of Health Occupations

This subject introduces the trainee to the basic knowledge, skills and clinical experience required in a health occupation.  It includes introduction to community health and the healthcare delivery systems, wellness and disease, legal and ethical matters, employability in healthcare occupations as well as basic emergency care, safety and security practices, infection control, and blood/air-borne pathogens.Prerequisite: none
HCP 703Anatomy & Physiology This subject is designed to provide the trainee with an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. The structure and function of all the organ systems shall be included in the lecture and laboratory aspects of this subject. To facilitate better understanding, this subject shall also include the introduction to medical terminology.Prerequisite: none
HCP 704Human Growth and Development This subject is designed to give the trainee a basic understanding of the normal patterns of growth and development at various stages within the life cycle from infancy to old age. The major theories of development will be examined to enhance understanding of this field of study.Prerequisite: none
HCP 705Nutrition This subject consists of a study of the nutritional needs of an individual. Digestion, metabolism and diet therapy are introduced. Topics include nutrients, standard and modified therapeutic diets, nutrition throughout the lifespan and in different cultures, client education, menu planning, purchasing, preparation and storage.Prerequisite: none
HCP 706Pharmacology This subject is designed to provide the trainee with appropriate basic theoretical and clinical information related to drugs including classifications, sources, dosages and measurements, regulatory requirements and basic principles of drug administration. The more common drugs utilized in drug therapy are investigated as to action, use, side effects, and nursing implications.Topics will include systems of measurement, calculating drug problems, resource materials usage and basic pharmacology – pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.Prerequisite: MAT 701
HCP 901Essentials 

of Practical Nursing

This subject presents an introduction into the practice of practical nursing. It develops decision-making skills and promotes an interest in continued professional development. Legal aspects and history of practical nursing; employment opportunities and responsibilities of practical nurses; communication techniques with emphasis on health assessment, reporting and patient education; and leadership and organization are the topics to be covered.

Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 702 and 701 series or its equivalent

HCP 904Fundamentals 

of Practical Nursing 1

This subject provides the practical nursing trainee with the knowledge, skills and clinical experience necessary to care for the well or ill individual. Meeting the basic living needs is the emphasis in this subject.Topics include personal care, mobility and proper body mechanics having in mind comfort and safety, keeping a clean environment and providing psychosocial support for the client.Prerequisite/s: HCP 901

Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 703, HCP 704, HCP 705

HCP 905Fundamentals 

of Practical Nursing 2

This subject provides the fundamental nursing skills and clinical experience necessary for taking care of ill clients in all phases of patient care including rehabilitation.It includes the basic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as taking vital signs and administering medications. In addition to the competence in the administration of medications, assessment of therapeutic, adverse effects and nursing interventions which will maximize the desired outcome of drug therapy, will also be discussed. Other procedures like isolation techniques, pre-operative and post-operative care and activities to prevent complications of immobilization are also part of this subject.Prerequisite/s: HCP 901

Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 904, HCP 706

HCP 906Medical / Surgical Nursing This subject provides the theory, skills and clinical experience necessary in the application of nursing care to adult patients with diseases of the different organ systems.Included are the more common disorders related to the areas of respiratory, cardio-vascular, musculoskeletal, nervous, integumentary, sensory, reproductive, urinary, digestive, endocrine and oncology. For each disorder, the signs and symptoms; diagnostic tests; preventive measures; and different forms of treatment like client care and the use of nursing process, medications, and diet therapy will be discussed.Prerequisite/s: HCP 901, HCP 703, HCP 704, HCP 705, HCP 706,

Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 904, HCP 905

HCP 907Geriatric Nursing This subject uses the nursing process to teach the care of the geriatric patient. It includes the study of the aging process; physical and behavioral changes; psychological and emotional needs; client care like safety principles, reality orientation techniques and diversional activities. Other topics are caring for patients with special needs; drug use and abuse in the elderly and death and dying.Prerequisite/s: HCP 901, HCP 703, HCP 704, HCP 705, HCP 706

Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 904, HCP 905

HCP 908Maternal & Newborn Nursing This subject teaches the trainee the proper care for the expectant mother from conception to delivery including newborn, child and the family unit during normal and complicated conditions. Knowledge, skills and clinical experience on the care of the family throughout the course of pregnancy, pre-natal care, prenatal labor and delivery, and postpartum periods are included. Characteristics of the newborn and complications of pregnancy are included.  Emphasis is placed on family teaching.Prerequisite/s: HCP 901, HCP 703, HCP 704, HCP 705, HCP 706

Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 904, HCP 905

HCP 909Pediatric Nursing his subject provides the theory, skills and clinical experience necessary in the care of pediatric clients or patients, from the stage of infancy to adolescence.Topics include the care for a well or ill child and the common pediatric disorders. For each disorder, the signs and symptoms; diagnostic tests; preventive measures; and different forms of treatment like nursing care, medications, and nutritional therapy will be discussed.Prerequisite/s: HCP 901, HCP 703, HCP 704, HCP 705, HCP 706 Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 904, HCP 905
HCP 910Mental Health Nursing This subject provides an introduction to mental health concepts. It is designed to provide the trainee with the knowledge and understanding of characteristics of mentally healthy and ill patients. Included in the subject are the discussion of normal and abnormal behavior, common aberrations in patients with psychological disorders, basic nursing interventions, therapeutic communication techniques, and care and treatment of the patient with mental disorder.Prerequisite/s: HCP 901, HCP 703, HCP 704, HCP 705, HCP 706

Prerequisite/s or Co-requisite/s: HCP 904, HCP 905

Entry Requirements for Enrolment

Local Student Admission

Photocopies of the following documents with Original Copy presented:

  1. Application Form, (CHP Cebu Form)
  2. Birth Certificate, NSO Authenticated or Passport
  3. Marriage Certificate, if married and applicable
  4. Philippine High School Diploma or Form 137, or its equivalent
  5. Transcript of Records or True Copy of Grades, if college level or graduate
  6. Photos – 5 pieces (passport size) and 5 pieces (1″x1″)

Foreign Student Admission

  1. Foreign students who wish to study in Vocational Courses must submit the following documents for evaluation in the respective school or college: high school records and diploma.
  2. After a successful evaluation, the applicant may take the entrance examination and pay the required application fee. A passing entrance test will earn the applicant a notice of acceptance.
  3. The applicant is then required to prepare the necessary documents for the issuance of a 9F Student Visa from the applicant’s country of origin.
  4. Upon the issuance of a student visa, the applicant must report to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for assistance in the processing of the applicant’s papers with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.
  5. If necessary, a tutorial for English course may be arranged for the applicant.
  6. Problems that may arise regarding the student’s studies must be reported to the Foreign Student Adviser.

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students Applicants:

  1. Admission requirements for the vocational training program applied for
  2. To submit necessary documents for Student Visa/Visa Conversion:
    • Transcript of Records/Scholastic Records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the student applicant’s country of origin or legal residence;
    • A Notarized Affidavit of Support including bank statements, notarized notice of grant for institutional scholars to cover expenses for the student’s accommodation and subsistence, as well as other school dues and other incidental expenses;
    • Photocopy of data page of the student’s passport showing date and place of birth, and birth certificate or its equivalent duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post;
    • Duly authenticated police clearance

Tuition and Other Fees

Registration FeePhp2,500.00
Tuition FeePhp78,645.00
OJT FeePhp5,000.00
ID CardPhp170.00
Graduation FeePhp1,500.00
Scrub Suit/SetPhp1,700.00
School Uniform/SetPhp900.00


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