Frequently Asked Questions

Career Path

What does the healthcare profession offer for its professionals and workers?

Other than doing work that greatly interests you, a healthcare profession can open more doors of amazing opportunities for you. The range of skills and experiences is limited only to your imagination. Please read our blog article on this here..

Where can I find reliable information about getting into the healthcare profession?

The Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu offers pre-advising for all incoming students and regular advisories for its enrollees—free of charge. CHP Cebu has full-time advisers who are constantly in touch with professional schools and other educational institutions, have helpful resources not readily available to students, and are therefore able to provide customized individual advising. Students who undergo professional advising get admitted to their chosen schools at twice the rate of students who don’t.

What is the best first step to take if I want to get into the healthcare profession?

If you have decided to get into the health care profession, the first step that you need to do is definitely to get the proper training. This could mean enrolling in the most appropriate health care courses. Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu has several health care-related courses you can enroll in.

Each of the courses is handled by highly qualified and experienced instructors, so you know that you’ll be getting the right information. Further, the courses offered usually include practical applications and even assessments so you’ll have the opportunity to take the necessary exams and have yourself certified. After that, you can practice your profession.

How do I know that a health career is right for me?

Getting into a healthcare career is a life-changing decision and should therefore be given deep consideration prior to embarking on enrolling oneself to a healthcare course.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Do I care deeply about other people and their problems?
  • Am I a good listener?
  • Do I enjoy learning, gaining new understanding?
  • Am I prepared to make a substantial commitment to my education?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, chances are you have the right kind of personality for a healthcare career.

What options do I have in terms of choosing the right career path for me?

There are plenty! Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu specializes in health care-related courses, which means after your training, you can become a licensed practical nurse, a caregiver, or an ER assistant, just to name a few. You can also do volunteer work in the medical field or be in the scene of action by being a first aider or responder.

If you want to serve the government in a healthcare setting, you can enroll in our barangay health services programs. You can also combine both healthcare and tourism by taking courses in hilot or wellness massage.

CHP Cebu also offers non-medical-related courses, and these include several levels of English as a Second Language and Nihongo classes. Our ESL trainings are designed primarily for non-English-speaking foreigners, which should allow them to do business and communicate conversationally with millions of people around the globe. Our Nihongo classes, meanwhile, are perfect for individuals who are planning to go to Japan for leisure or for work, in which case passing the language proficiency exam is mandatory.

We also offer courses for those who like to join the business process outsourcing industry by becoming a call center agent. Getting and graduating from these courses will definitely give you the head start that you need or make you more competitive in the field.

How do I gain healthcare experience?

There are many different pathways to get into healthcare, but one of the best is by getting yourself educated. That places one foot on the industry. Moreover, the Philippines has more stringent requirements for anyone who likes to join the health care industry, which makes your education even more important, if not mandatory.

After you receive your education, you need to have yourself assessed and take the exams. You have to pass these exams before you can receive your license to practice. Usually, licenses have expirations, and in between, you need to take continuing education classes to give yourself better opportunities, including bigger positions, more incentives, better compensation, and promotion.

Courses and Classes

What do you mean by TESDA-accredited courses?

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is in charge in helping Filipinos here and abroad receive the right set of skills to maintain or improve their competencies. This way, they have bigger chances of finding a good job, becoming more valuable to the industry, and even allowing them to explore entrepreneurship later. One of the tasks of the agency is to develop training programs. While some of these courses are conducted in their offices, they have allowed schools, institutions, and training centers, among others, to offer the same.

When a person takes a TESDA-accredited course, this means that the course is not only recognized but also approved by TESDA. Anyone who graduates from it has the chance to get oneself assessed in preparation for an exam or to receive a certification, which can be helpful or a requirement in getting a job.

What health care-related courses can I enroll in CHP Cebu?

Over the years, we have added more TESDA-accredited courses in our portfolio of training programs. These include:

  • Barangay Health Services
  • Caregiving
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Health Care Services
  • Hilot (Wellness)
  • Licensed Practical Nursing
  • Massage Therapy
  • Pharmacy Services

You can view the trainings here.

What other courses can I enroll to in CHP Cebu?

CHP Cebu is well-known for offering a wide variety of health care-related classes, but we’ve also worked hard to expand our offers and ensure more people are able to take advantage of classes developed by Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA). These include:

  • Foreign language classes such as English as a Second Language and Nihongo
  • Finishing Courses for Call Center Agents
  • Household Services
  • Housekeeping Services

You can view the trainings here.

We are planning to add more in the future, so make sure that you bookmark our website, add us in your social media, or contact us.

What is the importance of assessment?

In many of our courses, especially if they are TESDA accredited, you need to be assessed. Its purpose is to check whether:

  • You’ve learned something from the program.
  • You’ve mastered both the theories and application.
  • You’re prepared to take the exam.
  • You are ready to proceed to the next level of competency or skill.

One of the highlights of the assessment is to test your level of skill or competency according to the regulations, requirements, or objectives of the course you’ve undertaken. Thus, during the assessment, you may undergo a written and oral exam, demonstration, and interview.

After the assessment, you will receive either a Certificate of Competency or National Certificate.

Not all training schools can provide an assessment, but CHP Cebu can, which means you have one less thing to worry about.

To know more about the assessment, click here.

What are the requirements for assessment?

To be assessed, you need to provide the following:

  • 3 pieces of passport size picture (white background, with negative) and attire with collar
  • 1 piece of long brown envelope
  • Two (2) of the following (original to be shown):
    • Certificate of Employment
    • Certificate of Work Experience
    • Transcript of Records (TOR)
    • Philippine Passport
    • Birth Certificate issued by National Statistics Office (NSO) or by City/Municipal Civil Registrar
    • Marriage Contract, if married
    • Endorsement Letter from POEA-registered Placement Agency
    • Employment Contract
    • Work Permit
    • Work Visa
    • Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) License
    • LTO Professional Driver’s License

Why should I enroll in a tech-voc course in CHP Cebu?

We’ve got plenty of reasons for you:

  • CHP Cebu is one of the trusted schools for technical vocational courses not only in Cebu but in the entire Central Visayas. We have the experience, competence, knowledge, and a host of excellent instructors and people to help you out.
  • You have a lot of courses to choose from, including health care, foreign language, finishing courses for call center agents, and housekeeping.
  • Technical vocational courses are in demand not only in the Philippines but in many parts of the world. In other words, we can help open doors of opportunities for you.
  • These types of courses don’t take a lot of your time. Many of them can be completed in a few months or days. This means that there will be less waiting time before you can apply for a job, have yourself promoted, or acquire or improve your skill.

Learning is an amazing thing. Who knows what opportunities lie ahead of you? Taking courses will give you more options and directions on where you want to take your career.

What benefits do I get with finishing a tech-voc course from CHP Cebu?

By completing a tech-voc course with us, you can take advantage of:

  • Immediate assessment – You can avoid the hassle of trying to look for an assessment center since our school can already do that for you. Consider us as your one-stop shop for learning.
  • Job assistance – As one of the trusted training schools in Cebu and the Visayas region, we are often tapped by private and public sectors who are looking for competent people to do the job.
  • Flexible choices – We have many courses for you to choose from, and you can decide when you want to enroll. We can provide you with schedules so you can plan ahead.
  • Job opportunities – TESDA has been ramping up trainings here and abroad to ensure Filipino workers always remain competitive in the global arena. In some cases, such as in direct hiring of household workers, a TESDA-accredited certification is already a requirement.

Can I apply for work abroad after finishing my course at CHP Cebu?

It all depends on the job you’re applying for. In some cases, a certificate of competency or qualification is already enough. In other times, you need to take an entirely different exam. It’s also possible that you need to undergo more training before you can apply or be hired abroad. The great thing is by taking a course now, you’re already giving yourself the headway.

Enrollment and Fees

What are the requirements that I need to secure to enroll at CHP Cebu?

We have different set of requirements for local and foreign applicants.

For local students, provide the photocopy of the following documents (original copies to be shown):

  • CHP application form
  • NSO birth certificate or passport
  • NSO marriage certificate, if married
  • Philippine high school diploma or Form 137, or its equivalent
  • Transcript of records or true copy of grades, if college level or graduate
  • 5 pieces of passport size photo
  • 5 pieces of 1 x 1 photo

For foreign students, provide the photocopy of the following documents (original copies to be shown):

Authenticated transcript of records/scholastic records from Philippine Foreign Service Post, which can be acquired from the student’s legal residence or country of origin

  • Notarized affidavit of support such as bank statements
  • Notarized notice of grant if the student is a scholar (the grant should cover for the student’s expenses while in school such as accommodation and school fees)
  • Photocopy of the passport’s data page, birth certificate, or its equivalent, which should have the authentication of Philippine Foreign Service Post
  • Authenticated police clearance

Foreign students may also have to undergo an examination to determine if they’re qualified for the course.

Where can I enroll?

Visit our office at:

Mezzanine Flr., FCB Financial Center
AC Cortes Ave. corner P. Burgos St.
Brgy. Alang-Alang, Mandaue City
Cebu 6014 Philippines

You can also begin your enrollment process online.

Does CHP Cebu offer tracks for senior high school?

Yes, we do. We currently offer both academic and tech-voc tracks. To know more about our senior high school program, visit here.

Will I get a pre-assessment and advisory to know if I am qualified?

Yes, we do. Upon submitting your documents to us, we will immediately perform an evaluation to check if you have the skill, knowledge, and competence to go through and complete the course. If your assessment is successful, you can then enroll in your course.

How much is the fee?

Fees can vary depending on the program, but rest assured that they are very competitive. For example, our registration fee is only 600 pesos.

Moreover, the fees you pay will already cover for:

  • Tuition
  • OJT fee (if applicable)
  • ID card
  • Graduation fee
  • Library fee
  • Uniform

I cannot afford the fees. Is there financial aid that I can avail of? How?

Yes, we do have a number of financial aid programs for deserving students. Contact our office to know more about them. For a more comprehensive overview of how we can help you on this, please visit our website