CHP Cebu Adopts Senior High Program

Within the same comforts of an educational institution that has been the industry leader in providing top-quality education for several areas in the technical and vocational areas and with students and facilities touted as the finest locally and internationally, you get to experience college in the Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu as it finally adopts the Senior High Program.

The Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu understands the critical role it plays in building their students’ morale and helping them get to know themselves better. CHP believes that with that role comes their responsibility to inculcate social conscience, to encourage diligence and perseverance, to capacitate them to deliver the best that they can, to empower them to go the extra mile, and most importantly to work with them in realizing the careers that they want to pursue.

The Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu boasts of being one of the country’s first educational institutions to have designed and developed a comprehensive implementation curriculum on the Senior High Program. The school’s capacity to provide excellent-quality education has long been proven by the world-class professional workers they have and continue to produce since they first set the foundations of the organization.

The implementation of the Senior High program in the Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu has been carefully laid out in congruence with proactive and practical strategies that will help instill more than just the basic requirements of the K+12 program, as it aims to look further ahead on the country’s secondary education landscape.

The Center for Healthcare Professions Cebu offers all the four main courses of the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track of the Senior High Program, which are the following:

  • Agri-Fishery Arts
  • Home Economics
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Industrial Arts

The CHP fully agrees that the Senior High Program will serve to empower those students who want to establish and pursue promising careers after completing the program. In this regard, the rigid training and concrete preparation for the career tracks that the CHP provides clearly illustrate how much the school values every student as individuals who all deserve a bright and fruitful future.

The CHP offers superior education as they understand that students, unique as they are, have unified dreams of improving lives not only for themselves but also for their families and the society where they belong.

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